The R Site Search by Jonathan Baron has been extensively used ever since it was created. It allows to search in a growing collection of R packages from CRAN, BioConductor and other repositories (see here for a list of packages). The website uses namazu as a search engine, which is nice and fast.

There are already several ways to make the query on the R Site Search website, one can use the website itself, use firefox searchplugins as described in this R wiki page, or even use the R function RSiteSearch introduced in R version 2.1.0 (correct me if I'm wrong). The downside of this approach is that one has to go back and forth all the time in the results.

The firefox extension rsitesearch enables to search R documentation pages included in Jonathan Baron's server from a firefox sidebar. The search is done quietly with the help of javascript and the results are returned as a tree package/functions matching the user's request.

How to use it

Once the extension is installed, restart firefox. You should see a small R icon on the left of the status bar, waiting for you to click it. Appears a tree with the list of the packages listed in R Site Search. You can browse around, there is a leaf for each documentation file with a small icon summarizing what this is about. From here, there are two ways to use it.

How to get involved in this



Technical Support


Mozilla Public Licence version 1.1 or greater



Main view. One can see the sidebar with the tree of all packages and the R button in the status bar

Searching for density estimation with the R site search engine

Neat integration with Firefox with a button on the status bar
Filtering the package names with the regex ^gr (packages starting with the gr). The extension is aware of the vignettes included in a package.